Learning log module 2

This module I had learned about various web tools such as kerpoof and pixton. I also learned about digital story telling and flickr. I do not believe the web tools will work well in physical education setting. I do believe digital storytelling and flickr can be useful in a P.E setting. I created a digital story which I would like to use in an adaptive P.E.  class. The story is an inspirational story about Anthony Robles. I will not go into he’s story because you can find about him if you watch my digital story. I would like to use flickr to create a slide show about future lesson plans. The slide show will contain pictures of proper motor skills required for the upcoming unit. The students would be required to view them prior to the upcoming unit.

I found this module to be both interesting and also frustrating. I spent too much trying to down load on to YouTube, trying to figure out why I could not upload. Then I spent too much time on the commons license. I knew how to add a creative commons license to a web page but adding to the digital story and my screen cast was very frustrating.



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