Learning Log Flickr Gallery



Learning Log Flicker Galleries

I choose to create a gallery of New York. I was born in Queens New York, and lived there most of my life. The gallery of pictures will give the students a better understanding of the topic being discussed. Flickr gallery can be a good tool for the first week of class. I would have the students create a gallery about themselves. The students can then introduce themselves using the galleries. Using Flickr will turn a common theme of introducing yourself to the class a lot more interesting.

I liked using flicker. The site was very easy to use, pictures for the gallery were also easy to find. I utilized the tags to help find the pictures for my gallery of New York. I tend to get very frustrated trying new technology, not Flickr it was simple. I would recommend Flickr to others.

As a future P.E teacher flickr is a tool I can see myself using. I could create a slide show of various upcoming units. The slide show can also demonstrate proper technique needed for upcoming units.


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