Education Blogs
This blog was created by a first grade teacher in Quebec, Canada. Her name is
Mary Ellen Lynch. The blog was created when she was as asked to join a group
project Province LEARN-Cefrio technology project. Through working with the
project, she learned about web 2.0 tools (Flicker, voicethreds, etc.) The site
serves as a good tool offering links to art, math, and grammar. I
found this link very interesting. The project was an elementary class working
with Concordia College. The research project used an interactive literacy
program called ARBRA and a program called EPearl. The students are able to
. This blog is also titled “telling the world what we are up to.” This blog
showed several different slide shows. The slide shows were about the class,
some were about field trips or just various activities the students
participated in. This site was fun to watch because of all the videos but I didn’t
learn much. The site might be effective as an example if the teacher was introducing blogs. The blog was visually nice but not very informative to me.
This might be the visually best blog I have seen so far. The blogs is directed
toward art students. The work on the blog is very nice. The site is filled with
various quotes from famous people. Students post the artwork on the blog and others
leave their comments about the work. There are over 3000 tutorials associated
with these blogs. This blog is geared for the more advanced artist. This site is very effective in achieving it’s
purpose. The artwork is amazing.If your are interested in art I recommend this site.

Blogs are away great to learn from other professionals.  As I was reading though the blogs, I was
generating several new ideas for when I will be teaching. Teachers can
incorporate technology that can help keep the students interested n the lesson. Blogs are also great tool to help get the students involved


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