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The first blog I found was names http://thepegeek.com/. The blog was created in England I believe, I say that because the teacher has a very thick British accent. The main points of the blogs are to show how basic technology can be used in PE classroom to test student’s activity levels. The one post was named http://thepegeek.com/2011/06/02/its-now-possible/. The teacher uses everyday technology such as GPS devises, video cameras and HR monitors. The students are participating in a game names net ball. Through this simple technology’s the teacher was able to formulate all sought of data about the activity. The data was able to help chart their activity levels. The data also was broken down into position on the field. Which position is more activity? Which had more standing around time?

The blog page was interesting but do not think I would this use this in my PE classrooms. The activities he used would be better off in an exercise physiology class. I am strong believer the PE class should remain simple and fun. I also believe an important aspect to PE class is to teach students how to have fun with physical activity. Demonstrate activities can they can participate at home, anything to get the kids playing outside more.




Teaching Tom is great blogs page. There is information on just about anything. The focus of the blog is preschool kids. Tom is currently a preschool teacher in Seattle Washington. Preschool is a very important age. There were posts on just about everything. The post on parenting was very interesting to me to me. I have two young kids. My boy just turned four. My girl turned two a couple of month age. The information was very useful. I believe teachers

This blog can useful for all teachers. The ability to hear from tom and others share ideas about kids is priceless. The blog is filled with great information,


Teacher boot camp is another interesting blog. This blog is also filled with a lot of useful information.

Why Not Use Social Networks? By Joel Josephson This was a post that I felt would be good for our class on technology. The author discuses the benefits of social networking. She discusses how to organize you face book account to be beneficial to you, the importance of social networking.


Refection is another post I found interesting. Hearing from other teachers reflect on their experience is a great tool.
I felt these blogs served as a great resource for teachers. Having a teachers write about there can be a great resource for new teachers. I know there will times when I question myself, hearing another teacher speak about there issues can be helpful. The other site had good resources.

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