Learning log # 1 Digital footprint

  Students need to understand the importance of digital footprints. As a teacher I will stress the importnace keeping your private information off the web. As a physical Education teacher I can somtimes talk to the students in a less formal setting. If so and studnets open up to me about postings on social website, I will use that time to teach them the imprtance of a good digital footprint. 

  My brothers is a teacher that recenly had his class taped and put on web by he’s principal. The strange part is when he looked up the website using he’s name, he told that my names came up I had some items on you tube which I forgot about. To me this is a good example. Even though my postings were not bad, I forgot all about them. I would hate to have students post them, then years later having it come back to haunt them.


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