Adaptive Physical eucation

The story I created is for an adaptive physical education class. The story is to inspire students with disabilites to work hard.



Learning log module 2

This module I had learned about various web tools such as kerpoof and pixton. I also learned about digital story telling and flickr. I do not believe the web tools will work well in physical education setting. I do believe digital storytelling and flickr can be useful in a P.E setting. I created a digital story which I would like to use in an adaptive P.E.  class. The story is an inspirational story about Anthony Robles. I will not go into he’s story because you can find about him if you watch my digital story. I would like to use flickr to create a slide show about future lesson plans. The slide show will contain pictures of proper motor skills required for the upcoming unit. The students would be required to view them prior to the upcoming unit.

I found this module to be both interesting and also frustrating. I spent too much trying to down load on to YouTube, trying to figure out why I could not upload. Then I spent too much time on the commons license. I knew how to add a creative commons license to a web page but adding to the digital story and my screen cast was very frustrating.


Learning Log Flickr Gallery

Learning Log Flicker Galleries

I choose to create a gallery of New York. I was born in Queens New York, and lived there most of my life. The gallery of pictures will give the students a better understanding of the topic being discussed. Flickr gallery can be a good tool for the first week of class. I would have the students create a gallery about themselves. The students can then introduce themselves using the galleries. Using Flickr will turn a common theme of introducing yourself to the class a lot more interesting.

I liked using flicker. The site was very easy to use, pictures for the gallery were also easy to find. I utilized the tags to help find the pictures for my gallery of New York. I tend to get very frustrated trying new technology, not Flickr it was simple. I would recommend Flickr to others.

As a future P.E teacher flickr is a tool I can see myself using. I could create a slide show of various upcoming units. The slide show can also demonstrate proper technique needed for upcoming units.

Learning Log Flickr slide show

I created a slide show for a kindergarten class. The standard this slide show is geared to is standard 5: Exhibit responsible personal and social behavior that respects self and others in a physical educational setting. I would like to use the slide show help demonstrate appropriate behavior in a playground setting. I believe using the slide show of the actually playground prior to getting outside will help in reinforce rules. After the students watch the slide show I would go to the playground. The students will then state the rules for the different stations or slides

learning log# 3

The section on copyright was little confusing. There is such a gray area between fair use and actual copyright. Copyright laws are an area I believe teachers need to become
more aware of. The use of technology creates great temptations from both the
students and the teachers. Teachers need to become the laws to set a good example
to the students. I also believe some students might be violating the law with realizing
there is doing so. It is our job to educate them on the laws pleading, ignorance
to the law does not you exempt. As a teacher I would focus on the fair use. I
say that because most of the work as a teacher will be covered on the fair us. With
the increase use of technology in everday life I would like to more of a focus
on copyright laws

Learning Log # 2

I have learned a great deal of information during the last
two weeks. The importance of technology as a tool for teachers became very
clear. Through the use of blogs teachers can share their ideas with other
teachers from all over the United States. The sharing of ideas is a great tool especially
for new teachers. The wealth of experience being posted on blogs could only
serve to help new teachers with the class preparations. The only problem I have
that I am not currently in the classroom. I am about two years away from that.
The information I learn now I will probably forget in two years. I would love
to see this class be required during the last semester. I do look forward in learning
new technologies to aid my teaching experience.

Education Blogs
This blog was created by a first grade teacher in Quebec, Canada. Her name is
Mary Ellen Lynch. The blog was created when she was as asked to join a group
project Province LEARN-Cefrio technology project. Through working with the
project, she learned about web 2.0 tools (Flicker, voicethreds, etc.) The site
serves as a good tool offering links to art, math, and grammar. I
found this link very interesting. The project was an elementary class working
with Concordia College. The research project used an interactive literacy
program called ARBRA and a program called EPearl. The students are able to
. This blog is also titled “telling the world what we are up to.” This blog
showed several different slide shows. The slide shows were about the class,
some were about field trips or just various activities the students
participated in. This site was fun to watch because of all the videos but I didn’t
learn much. The site might be effective as an example if the teacher was introducing blogs. The blog was visually nice but not very informative to me.
This might be the visually best blog I have seen so far. The blogs is directed
toward art students. The work on the blog is very nice. The site is filled with
various quotes from famous people. Students post the artwork on the blog and others
leave their comments about the work. There are over 3000 tutorials associated
with these blogs. This blog is geared for the more advanced artist. This site is very effective in achieving it’s
purpose. The artwork is amazing.If your are interested in art I recommend this site.

Blogs are away great to learn from other professionals.  As I was reading though the blogs, I was
generating several new ideas for when I will be teaching. Teachers can
incorporate technology that can help keep the students interested n the lesson. Blogs are also great tool to help get the students involved

Teachers Blog

The first blog I found was names The blog was created in England I believe, I say that because the teacher has a very thick British accent. The main points of the blogs are to show how basic technology can be used in PE classroom to test student’s activity levels. The one post was named The teacher uses everyday technology such as GPS devises, video cameras and HR monitors. The students are participating in a game names net ball. Through this simple technology’s the teacher was able to formulate all sought of data about the activity. The data was able to help chart their activity levels. The data also was broken down into position on the field. Which position is more activity? Which had more standing around time?

The blog page was interesting but do not think I would this use this in my PE classrooms. The activities he used would be better off in an exercise physiology class. I am strong believer the PE class should remain simple and fun. I also believe an important aspect to PE class is to teach students how to have fun with physical activity. Demonstrate activities can they can participate at home, anything to get the kids playing outside more.

Teaching Tom is great blogs page. There is information on just about anything. The focus of the blog is preschool kids. Tom is currently a preschool teacher in Seattle Washington. Preschool is a very important age. There were posts on just about everything. The post on parenting was very interesting to me to me. I have two young kids. My boy just turned four. My girl turned two a couple of month age. The information was very useful. I believe teachers

This blog can useful for all teachers. The ability to hear from tom and others share ideas about kids is priceless. The blog is filled with great information,

Teacher boot camp is another interesting blog. This blog is also filled with a lot of useful information.

Why Not Use Social Networks? By Joel Josephson This was a post that I felt would be good for our class on technology. The author discuses the benefits of social networking. She discusses how to organize you face book account to be beneficial to you, the importance of social networking.

Refection is another post I found interesting. Hearing from other teachers reflect on their experience is a great tool.
I felt these blogs served as a great resource for teachers. Having a teachers write about there can be a great resource for new teachers. I know there will times when I question myself, hearing another teacher speak about there issues can be helpful. The other site had good resources.

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Learning log # 1 Digital footprint

  Students need to understand the importance of digital footprints. As a teacher I will stress the importnace keeping your private information off the web. As a physical Education teacher I can somtimes talk to the students in a less formal setting. If so and studnets open up to me about postings on social website, I will use that time to teach them the imprtance of a good digital footprint. 

  My brothers is a teacher that recenly had his class taped and put on web by he’s principal. The strange part is when he looked up the website using he’s name, he told that my names came up I had some items on you tube which I forgot about. To me this is a good example. Even though my postings were not bad, I forgot all about them. I would hate to have students post them, then years later having it come back to haunt them.